A Very Simple Buy And Hold Method

A Very Simple Buy And Hold Method

Would you like to learn about a trading method that is both hot, and simple? If so, keep reading, because this method will be for you. Believe it or not, but the filter for this method has actually resulted in gains of over 200 percent. These gains were achieved even when factoring in the lousy housing market stocks. Despite these stocks being on the tumble and pulling on our method, we still have gains of 200 percent. The best features of this method are low commissions paid out while benefiting from a long-term cap gains rate. It would be very difficult to find something this good!

Until they get more financial data if ever. Then I’d get you in TIE at 11 and HANS at 14 like Vector Vest did. OK anyway here it is...

PE is between 8 and 12

offset 360 days (min. holding period)


1. You must hold your investments for one year; you won’t have much to pay, in regards to commissions or taxes. In fact, the government will only get 15 percent of the earning made.

There are a few red on here but common sense would dictate you would never have picked those for they were in the housing industry, which everyone knows was going downhill. Stocks which had the highest gains, we’re talking gains of 80 percent and over, were steel and oil stocks. You may be asking yourself, “How could I have gotten into these stocks? The answer is very easy. When you get the results mentioned above, you would just have to go to MSN or Yahoo to locate the sectors which currently have the lowest PE ratios with the highest earnings yield, cumulatively, over the entire sector.

Simple, after you get the above results go to MSN or Yahoo. . While at these sites you would need to locate and see which sectors have the lowest PE ratios with highest earnings yield, cumulatively, as a whole sector. Steel had an industry average 7 PE ratio. This would be a No-brainer buy. While I respect short term trading there is a reason why the wealthiest men in the world are investors. The greatest trader of all time Jesse Livermore lost it all and shot himself. As a trader, you’ll never catch all of the massive upward moves.

One investor had enough sense to stay away from tech stocks all together and avoid any financial losses. That investor’s name is Warren Buffet. Back in the hay day of the tech stock boom, many people thought Warren Buffet was foolish for not getting involved.  That probably couldn’t be said about him today. Bill Gates is currently the wealthiest man. However, Warren Buffet is only 6 billion dollars behind Gates. If Warren Buffet lives for another 5 years, it is possible he could surpass Bill Gates as the wealthiest man alive.