Acomplia is a Multifunctional Diet Pill

Acomplia is a Multifunctional Diet Pill

Weight loss is perhaps the most talked topic of late. Its not only considered as a problem but medical science mark it as an epidemic. It’s a nutritional disorder that arises due to over consumption of fats then our body requires. The new diet pill Acomplia is generating great interest among the overweight patients on this pretext. Proven records are also available related to its success on obesity. 

Apart for keeping a person free from excess weight, the diet pill Acomplia also helps a person in stopping his or her’s urges for smoking. In fact it’s a multifunctional diet pill and is very effective indeed.

According to studies, there are nerve receptors called CB1receptors that exist in the brain and fat cells. These receptors urge the body to overeat and smoke. Acomplia works by targeting the CBI receptors and blocking the body's ability to receive signals that tells it to smoke or eat more. It helps to normalize the EndoCannabinoid System thus making hunger and cigarette cravings more manageable. This blocking of signals results in weight loss. It further improves the cardiovascular or metabolic risk factors in obese people and reduces their dependence on nicotine and helps them quit smoking.

Though, studies on the side-effects of Acomplia have been done, but are clinically proved to be tolerable and mild. Dizziness nausea, stomach upset, depression and sweating are a few to mention. Though reports of overdose haven’t been proved till date, but better to discard the practice, for it may be proved harmful sometimes.

Generally a dose of 20mg before breakfast or in an empty stomach is enough to give a desired result. But a mixture of a controlled diet, some exercise and Acomplia can really give miraculous results. According to clinical trials a person can loose his or her body weight, any amount 20-25 pound if a dose of 20mg is practised for a period of a year.

Although promising results are proved, it is should be used under a good dietician’s observation. Often there are misconception among it’s users that an overdose or double dose of Acomplia will show faster results. But one should know the fact it’s a drug and trying to overdose it can prove to be fatal.